A flood in your property can create damage from water, moisture, and humidity, that may cause permanent damage if not addressed quickly before weakening floors, walls and ceilings.

Stop Mould experts are certified to assess the damage, and have the knowledge and equipment to make restoration happen quickly, keeping your costs to a minimum.

Stop Mould will:

  • Assess the damage, confer with the owner of the cheapest course of action

  • Remove contents, moving to storage if necessary

  • Extract water and moisture from the area using fast professional equipment

  • Dry and Dehumidify all contaminated areas

  • Deodorize the area

  • Check for mould, remove as required

  • Replace area contents

  • Work with owner and insurance to avoid out of pocket expenses

Call 24/7 for fast response

Toll Free: 1.888.958.2237

(905) 458-8442

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